OSCAR ROMEO - SOUND ENGINEER, Living entrepreneurially is about working smarter and living better. A freelance audio engineer, Oscar Romero spent time developing a sonically trained ear to chase his call, one that doesn’t involve climbing the corporate ladder instead, build a pathway toward success, and insure that ordinary sound waves meet the extraordinary audio engineer.

I've logged hundred of hours doing everything related to the sound editing, ADR, mixing, mastering, EQ, compression, sound design, backgrounds, foley, and even organize sound libraries. I'm also very familiar with any DAW's such as Pro tools, Ableton, Logic, or just about anything that can be beneficial to the final product. I've specifically been hired to work on dialogue, and sound design for feature films and have provided quality sound for my clients and now that you know a little bit of me; I know that I could be a valuable asset to help you and bring to the table all of the skills that are required.


Drone Pilot


VFX Engineer/DOP




Marketing Director

ACE CRUZ - Director, was raised in Los Angeles, California. He aspired to be in the film industry since he was 13 years old. He graduated from University of Southern California Theater School with Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Drama. After graduating from college he started his career as a theater actor and then ventured into doing several Hollywood independent films. After 10 years in the theater world, he went back to USC film school to study writing and directing. Ace made 6 independent Hollywood films he wrote, produced, directed, edited, acted and distributed, one winning an Award for best picture at the Action International Film Festival in Hollywood, California in 2009 titled “Outrage” starring Michael Madsen.

His knowledge in both the creative world and the business world in making movies has given him a good combination to be a Hollywood player. He has worked with Hollywood actors like Michael Madsen (Sin City, Kill Bill), Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar man), Michael Pare’ (Streets of Fire), Natasha Lyonne (American Pie), Michael Berryman (Hills have Eyes) and many more. He understands how to deal with actors, writers and editors as much us understanding the marketing side in distributing a film.

He believes in making movies that are creative, entertaining and commercial. Ace has attended the American Film Market and Cannes Film Festival for the past 12 years to study and comprehend the psychology of his audience in order to make films that will be appealing to the world market. His dedication to learn everything there is about the Hollywood Film industry has paid off for him to now concentrate in writing, directing or acting in his future films.His experience and knowledge with the Hollywood Film Industry for the past 25 years has given him the edge to one day make a Box Office Commercial Film or an Oscar Awarding winning film in the near future. 

​​DR VANESSA LEE, PHD - VFX Engineer/DOP comes from a long line of military and engineering background with over 25 years of experience in the Open Source 3D digital animation field, she has worked with the most gifted artists and developers on the most cutting edge software ever developed, including Blender, GIMP, and OpenShot on Linux/Ubuntu.

In addition to her digital animation and VFX skills, she has trained under the best of the best actors and dancers in the kinesiology world from the Vaganova Academy of St Petersburg, RU.

Dr Lee posses a keen and inherent understanding of beauty through movement and the knowledge and ability to literally use any program or camera to capture and then any technology to re-create it.

Even if the technology does not exist, she will engineer it.

BEN SABLAN - Director of Marketing comes from an business/marketing background.  He has multiple degress in advertising and marketing.  He has run many companies and has established a vast network of resources that he constanly avials to provide professional marketing solutions for successful companies.  Marketing is his passion and is update to the current trend in social media marketing.

MICHAEL PEREZ - DRONE PILOT , Mexican Filipino American born and raised in San Diego, California. Attending San Diego State University right out of high school gave him an opportunity to study his passion of Photography and Film. Perez has always been fascinated in Photography and Videography beyond the limits of the conventional camera and video camera. Flying remote controlled helicopters at age 16 is what began Perez’s interest in the ability to take videos of scenery from the sky. Over the next couple years Perez worked hard to master the art of flying RC Helicopters, in all weather conditions. Unmanned Aircraft Systems also known as Drones was introduced to Perez 6 years ago and he has made a commitment to mastering maneuvers that would increase the quality of filmmaking. The passion and love for Drone work has made him the detail oriented pilot he is today.
Perez’s Drone Operating expertise and Filmmaking abilities have taking Videography and Photography to the next level. Making Aerial Movies was nearly impossible before the launch of Drones, without the help of a hired helicopter. Drones have narrowed the gap in this industry, Perez saw this early and began learning the operation of many drones. Helicopter and crane shots in film now can easily be attained by the use of a Drone, a more mobile and cost effective way to film. Most Drone Filmmakers utilize this tool for scenery or automobiles, however Perez has taking his drone filmmaking to the next level. Aerial Modeling, a video created for models from the air, is something you may not find too often. The ability to track an object or individual while they pose and walk is a skill Perez has acquired through his Drone Videography Career. Weddings, Bridal Showers, Soccer/Football games, Music Videos, Racing and Extreme Sports events have all been part of Perez’s Career as a Drone Pilot. He understands the need for high quality shots and maneuvers to produce the best results for filmmaking. Everything from lighting to lenses are taking into consideration when filming, making Perez’s expertise of Drone Productions a valuable asset to the Hollywood Film Industry.

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Sound Engineer

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